Veteran PTSD Testimonials


“Now I have a tool I can use immediately.  I can sit down and spend 5 or 6 minutes tapping instead of spending time in a psych ward, and I don’t care who’s watching.  The hardest part about EFT is remembering to do it. “  Arne Lyshall,   85,  Marine / Korean War – Chosin Reservoir  / Seattle, WA




“Marilyn, much as I love not having my nightmares anymore, I love even more the fact that I now can dream again. I am so grateful to you and for EFT! Thank you!”   D. Nicole Johnson Starr, Veteran, Maryland 


“The war is just a training mission compared to the real battle: the personal combat that that starts when you come home.

And without EFT you go in unarmed.   Where was this 11 years ago?”

MSG Ken S., Marine, Iraq


I can sleep at night without pills. I have friends; and best of all I have my life back. For the first time since my combat days ended, I can share my stories with my loved ones without the fear of my own emotional responses.

Thank you Veterans Stress Project. Thank you EFT…..most notably to me, thank you Marilyn, you saved my life. When asked how I feel, my only response is, “I’m free.”

David S       Army / Afghanistan War


“After EFT I feel released from an emotional prison. My severe hyper-vigilance has been dissolved. I now frequently experience joy and happiness. Mental blocks to creativity and prosperity have been removed.”

1/30/12     Sergeant, US Army Medic,        Desert Storm


“I served with the Army in Korea in 1951 and for 60 years have had a very painful-emotional memory that has plagued me all these years … so I told “my story” to Alina and went through the process of tapping it down …after one hour I could mentally revisit that Korean experience and it was as though I was watching an old newsreel of a 20 year old GI’s (me) experience …and there was absolutely no emotional  charge to it … and I have been free of it ever since !!… 13 years of group therapy or 1 hour of EFT/Matrix … take your pick … I’m sold on EFT!! “

Follow up from Korean War Veteran Carl Anderson 7 months after his EFT session with Alina Frank. See a video of this session at