One Year Follow-up – trauma

“A one-year follow-up testimonial   EFT:   “The gift that keeps on giving.”

“When I was younger, freeways were a breeze at 70-80 mph. During and after my marriage to an abusive first husband, that all changed. I feared freeways and being blocked in by trucks. It was bad. I felt faint, yet my heart would race, hands clammy. Severe panic attacks developed. I couldn’t function while driving or being on freeways. I even screamed several times and always had to exit. Being a passenger didn’t make a difference; I still panicked. I felt debilitated. 13 doctors and a wide variety of medications failed to rid me of my intense fear of freeways. Thank God, things changed 28 years later, when I met my new husband-to-be, Lee. He told me about how “tapping” had helped his pain and about his friend Marilyn in Oregon who could teach me how to overcome my fear of freeways. We were getting married in Oregon and I finally got to meet Marilyn.

“My ex-husband was a tailgater and on several occasions would tailgate on the freeway and deliberately hit the car in front if my hand went to the dashboard. It was a sick game of his. He was always nice to other drivers, occasionally laughing as he gave them our insurance info. But back in the car he would punch me several times, always saying “See what you made me do!” I would curl up and cry. I associated freeways with fear and pain. I’m 95% cured of this fear. I’m still scared if someone cuts me off but I don’t need to exit the freeway or pull over.

“After the 1st tapping session, my new husband, Lee, noticed I was running down the stairs and yelled out “Margie do you know what you just did?” I looked at him with a blank face and said “What?” Lee said “You flew down the stairs without holding the rails.” I was completely stunned. I used to grab onto an arm or belt as I walked up stairs, escalators, or steep embankments, and I grabbed on for dear life. I also had a severe phobia of heights and couldn’t stand on a step-stool at all or look up at a high building. Now I flew down the stairs! My husband and kids were all amazed. Now I was cured, or so I thought.

“We went back to Marilyn. Regressing in time I told Marilyn that my sister pushed me out a 2nd story window backwards when I was about 5 or 6. Marilyn went with me to a public building with a long set of stairs that led to a pedestrian overpass where I could test both looking down at the traffic below and up at the high building. Climbing the stairs I was fine until I approached the top and my eyes looked up onto the landing. Marilyn noticed that I was scared when my eyes looked up in a way which provided a similar visual experience to when I was falling backwards as a child. I never thought I still had that event in my system, but I did. My fear was the feeling of looking up as you fall backwards. That and the sensation scared the heck out me. We tapped and slowly I could feel less fear until I could look up at the landing and down at the traffic and even look at the high buildings from bottom to top!

“It was awesome how the memories faded after tapping on them. They weren’t so clear, like something was washing them away with “Tide.” I felt lifted and free. Now, one year later, I haven’t had a single panic attack. I drive and I do fly down the stairs with no assistance. Marilyn gave us the EFT sessions as a wedding present and EFT really is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s so great to be free of all these debilitation fears. I’m really happy now. My life has changed 100%. Thank you, Marilyn, with all my heart,”

Margie Snyder, Atascadero, CA       Dec 10, 2013.