Medical Testimonials

About a year and a half ago I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy and I was Not looking forward to it. Due to several past experiences in hospitals, including a near-death experience due to anesthesia, my trauma was re-triggered and I was anxious for days.  I did a few skype sessions with Marilyn, who assisted me in deconstructing the issues around doctors and hospitals and much to my amazement the entire day during which the colonoscopy occurred was like a meditation retreat instead of a hospital visit. I had the procedure without any anesthetic and actually enjoyed the entire experience.

As well as sharing the techniques of EFT in her sessions, Marilyn gifts others with unconditioned Presence. She generously offers her wisdom, gleaned from many years of counseling, and skillfully interweaves this with her deep understanding of the human psyche and soul.

Some practitioners are “technicians”~very skilled at what they do. Others are “magicians,” equally skilled and blessed with a God-given gift of pure magic (for lack of a more accurate word.) Marilyn definitely belongs in this second category. She is a gift indeed and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is ready to reconnect with their vibrant true nature.    ~R.R.  Hawaii