How I Work


How I work


I am committed to making EFT available to those who wish to learn. My volunteer work includes: The Veterans Stress Project (assisting Vets w/ PTSD) Teaching introductory EFT classes Session work on a pro-bono basis
   Hosting free ‘Borrowing Benefits’ gatherings Supporting the formation of EFT circles and/or Borrowing Benefit gatherings. Once
the basic EFT sequence in learned, a surprising number of difficulties
can be resolved without openly articulating the issue through an EFT
process called Borrowing Benefits.  Free groups are available, or I can
provide you with the materials to hold your own gatherings.

Paid private sessions support my pro-bono work using pricing under three negotiated primary pricing structures:

Private EFT Sessions by the hour. 

Session work provides an opportunity for you to openly address your
thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  Call to discuss whether
private session work is appropriate.


Fees Contingent upon desired results:
Private EFT facilitation can be arranged contingent upon results defined by the client, with no payment until after the client receives the defined results.  This
arrangement appeals to those with long-term issues such as phobias.  Many people would value actual resolution but feel they have already “tried everything” and are weary of paying for modalities that don’t get them the desired result.


By the project:     quoted based on the client defined goals which are expected to involve on-going support due to the nature of the goal.

I owe a great personal debt to Gary Craig’s for developing EFT and making it freely available to the world.  Prior to his recent retirement due to health reasons, Gary Craig dedicated two decades to generously
sharing his work.  For example, many of the training DVD’s he produced came with the license to reproduce and give away (not sell) copies to those interested in learning the technique.  Carrying on in
this example, I provide free materials to sincere students on request.


Only my personal EFT Facilitation
services are available for sale on this site.  Sources for recommended
books, DVD’s, newsletters, etc., are on the Resources page.


Call or email me to explore the options.
EFT Catalyst  /  EFT Catalyst LLC 

Portland, OR

(503) 281-0195